Check out some of my creations here, many of which are available on the App Store and open sourced on GitHub.



A fiery new way to manage money.

Best iOS App at HS Hacks II!

Ignus combines the power of an expense and debt management application with the fun of a social network. Connect with your friends and request payments from each other, and quickly rate each other for each payment. Your ratings are totaled up on your profile; build up lots of good ratings to prove your trustworthiness!


End the menial calculations in your chemistry class.

Best iOS App/3rd Place Overall at HS Hacks!

Tired of wasting your time doing boring calculations during chemistry labs? Then ChemWhiz is the app for you. Quickly find the molar mass of any chemical simply by typing its formula. Convert between common units like moles, liters, and grams. And view at-a-glance information about every element in the periodic table.


The official app of the TV show.

The Official Community Balance App allows you to watch all of your favorite Community Balance episodes and view the Community Balance website on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Visit an enhanced version of the Community Balance website, watch any episode of the show instantly, and take a look behind the scenes of Community Balance.


The simplest Rock Paper Scissors game on the App Store.

Over 15,000 downloads!

My first app! Includes iAds.
Clean and simple Rock, Paper, Scissors! action for iPhone. Just pick the right weapon, and you're a winner. Features an easy to use interface and three difficulty levels.



An innovative new habit tracker.

Best Demo at USC LavaLab Demo Night!

sixty six is an innovative new app designed to help you build new habits. Unlike other habit-tracking apps, sixty six allows you to both track and mark your habits as completed exclusively through notifications, preventing you from giving up on your goals. sixty six also includes social habits, increasing accountability by having pressure from your friends to complete your habits each day.
Coming soon…


(WWDC 2015 Scholarship app)

WINNER - Apple WWDC 2015 Scholarship Award

Inspired by my favorite childhood toy, my WWDC 2015 app operates like a wooden labyrinth. Simply tilt the device to roll the steel ball around and navigate through the app, all while learning about me and my background. Apple, Inc. recognized my submission as a perfect blend of the arts and sciences, granting me a free ticket to attend WWDC 2015 and recognizing me as one of the top 350 student developers across the globe.


by Anant Jain