Hi. I'm Anant.

I'm a full-stack engineer with experience in iOS development, machine learning and Big Data analytics.
I'm also a hobbyist photographer.

I'm a Presidential Scholar at University of Southern California (class of 2020), double-majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration. I'm an active member of numerous organizations on campus, including USC LavaLab, USC Scope, CAIS++, HackSC, and more.


Last summer, I worked as a software engineering intern on the iOS System Experience team at Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, CA. Along with prototyping exploratory animation work on the iOS text system, I also worked with Apple's human interface design team to make improvements to iOS/iPadOS 13. I also built the sample app for Taking iPad Apps for Mac to the Next Level. (I might have assisted you at a UIKit/SwiftUI lab at WWDC, too!)


I worked as a software engineering intern on the UIKit team at Apple, Inc. I developed an internal tool for the UIKit Frameworks team and demoed it to Apple executives.


I was a software engineering intern at Uber Technologies, Inc. in San Francisco, CA. I developed an application for a special project using the iOS SDK and machine learning APIs.


I was a data analyst intern at Cisco Systems, Inc. in San Jose, CA. I used the R programming language to build statistical models to chart, summarize, and forecast business data.

I'm a passionate developer who loves building great products. As a WWDC 2015 Scholarship Winner, I've been formally recognized by Apple as one of the top 350 student iOS developers across over 40 countries.

I also enjoy working in teams and presenting my work to the world. My team won the Best Demo award at USC LavaLab Demo Night. LavaLab is USC's premier startup incubator that recruits the top 5% of students.

I like to experiment with new technologies, stacks, and ideas at hackathons. I've won Best iOS App/3rd Place Overall at HS Hacks and Best iOS App at HS Hacks II, and placed in the Top 20 Hacks at PennApps XII.

I am currently the President of HackSC. Our mission is to cultivate hacker culture at USC with hackathons and weekly Hack Nights. I am responsible for business and community outreach to attract sponsors and enrich the hacker experience.

I was President of Tinovation Club at Cupertino High School. I helped create a curriculum to teach iOS, Android, and Web development to 300 students. I also organized Tino Local Hack Day and CU Hacks in 2015.

Some of the things I've learned (so far):

Programming Languages

C++, Swift, Java, Python, JavaScript, R, SQL, Objective-C, MATLAB


AWS, MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js, UIKit, CloudKit, Firebase, Parse, MySQL, jQuery

Design & Creativity

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Sketch, Final Cut Pro, Motion


Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, iOS, watchOS, tvOS

Other cool stuff about me:

  • I'm a huge photography enthusiast. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mk III, a Canon 6D, and my iPhone. Check out my some of my shots here.
  • In my spare time I enjoy calligraphy, baking, and hiking.
  • I'm a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo.
  • While growing up, I've moved eleven times across seven states—Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Oregon, and California.
  • I'm a (self-proclaimed) connoisseur of groan-inducing puns.

Download my Résumé:

Want to chat or grab coffee?

Drop me a line at anantjai@usc.edu.

(You can also reach out to me at any of the links in the bottom of the page.)


by Anant Jain